Pack Leaders

Pack Leader – Matt

So the story starts with being a client and taking my dog to Suffolk Canine Creche, simply loved this brand and service.  Couple that with reaching a plateau in my career and having spent 24 continuous years with the same company, I desperately desired a new challenge.

My love for dogs developed into a passion. I desperately wanted to work with dogs and be around them all the time; I just didn’t know how I could achieve it. I carried on with my career at the printing company, like most of us do but then things changed.

My partner Evija understood my deep routed desire to do something else, to work within an industry I has passion for, she knew how I was feeling, she totally understood.

One of these deep conversations lead to a mention about a Facebook post about Franchising a Canine Crèche and thought it would be the dream job. We both agreed there was no harm in finding out more. It was at this point that I was about to send the most important email in my life, I just didn’t know it yet!

Worried about whether I would have the right skills sets, I soon found out that my corporate life at the printers provided a great fit, I have the natural skill sets and abilities with dogs, my service levels, team development skills, and drive to provide the best and inspire others was highly desirable.

A few months later and here we are, embarking on our own business, Colchester Canine Creche and I couldn’t be happier. 

Now dedicated to replicating my own awesome business from this reputable brand.

Pack Leader – Evija

I grew up in little village in Lithuania and were we raised  pigs, chickens, ducks, geese,  cows and calves and of course cats and dogs. Here in the UK you would probably call it a small holding.  This developed a love for animals, I simply love them all.

I am enjoying this country, I love the people, it has taught and given me so much, though I had never planned to emigrate. My friends were moving to UK and they just said – why don’t you join us? Sometimes opportunities simply knock!

I came here in 2011 found a job in refrigeration and I have remained ever since. You won’t see me every day at Creche, but I will always be in the background, supporting Matt as our business grows.  

I have loved every moment of our training and development and adored being with the dogs at Martlesham.