Colchester Canine Creche opened in 2019 and have since registered over 400 dogs.

So, the story starts with us being clients and taking our dog Charlie to Suffolk Canine
Creche, we simply loved this brand and service.  Couple that with Matt reaching a plateau
in his career and having spent 24 continuous years with the same company, he
desperately desired a new challenge.

Evija grew up in little village in Lithuania, where her family were raising pigs, chickens,
ducks, geese, cows, and calves and of course cats and dogs. Here in the UK, you would
probably call it a small holding.  This developed a natural care and love for animals. She
had never planned to emigrate. Her friends were moving to UK in 2011, and they just
said – why don’t you join us? Sometimes opportunities simply knock!
She was enjoying this country, loved the people, and then one day fell in love with

Love for dogs developed into a passion. Evija understood Matts deep routed desire to
do something else, to work within an industry he has passion for, she knew how he was
feeling, she totally understood.
One of these deep conversations lead to a mention about a Facebook post about
Franchising a Canine Crèche and a thought that it would be the dream job. They both
agreed there was no harm in finding out more. It was at this point that they were about
to send the most important email of their lives, they just didn’t know it yet!
Worried about whether they would have the right skill sets, they soon found out that
they have the natural skill sets and abilities with dogs, service levels, team
development skills, and drive to provide the best and inspire others.
A few months later and here we are, embarking on our own business, Colchester
Canine Creche and we couldn’t be happier.
Now dedicated to replicating our own awesome business from this reputable brand.

Want Your Own Creche?

We are often approached for help and assistance for people desiring their own Creche, please visit which is the brand linked to our business that manages our Franchised Sites and offers consultancy services for those who wish to “go it alone” and require help in specific area’s.

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Why Colchester Canine Creche?

Our clients told us that when they made the first decision to use our services it was based on our overall facility, how impressive it is.

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Got any questions? If so, why not check out our FAQ’s, where we explain how we operate and our unique policies and services.

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