The best people to ask this question to is our current clients….

They have told us that when they made the first decision to use our services it was based on our overall facility, how impressive it is.

We don’t smell, its clean! We do not have barking (dogs are too busy and engaged to even consider barking!).

We have CCTV in our playroom, we are transparent and we don’t have anything to hide!

We are open for a tour without an appointment, you are really important to us, but we don’t need to set a stage because we think you are popping over, we look this great all the time!

We love your dogs, just like we do our own, and if you give us a chance your pooch will show you this…

Our staff are really engaging, observant and professional, they know their dogs!

We are safe and secure….

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Are you interested and would like to look around our premises? Come visit us and have a tour five days a week.

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Got a question? Visit our FAQ's

Got any questions? If so, why not check out our FAQ’s, where we explain how we operate and our unique policies and services.

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