Make Fido’s Day

We have a retail shop which stocks our preferred brand of Benyfit Raw dog food, not tried Raw before?  Talk to one of our staff and we can discuss the benefits of Benyfit!

We also stock an extensive range of TopDog Harnesses products; beautiful rope leads, Collars with matching leads, poop bags and treat pouches. The collars have those quick release fastenings which are a prerequisite to use in Day Creche.
We go to great lengths to source special treats and something a bit different. We have beef cartilages, pork skin rolls, hairy cows ears, Yak snacks and some very long lasting antlers, buffalo horns and olive branches. Your Fido won’t be able to turn his nose away from those!

You don’t need to be client for any services to pop on over, pay us a visit and have a browse.


Why Colchester Canine Creche?

Our clients told us that when they made the first decision to use our services it was based on our overall facility, how impressive it is.

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Got a question? Visit our FAQ's

Got any questions? If so, why not check out our FAQ’s, where we explain how we operate and our unique policies and services.

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