Our themed weeks normally match up with national or local current events, and are a format that ensures variety, enrichment, different toys and activities are used to align with these events.

So it’s not just about dressing up dogs then?

No, some owners will send their pooches with accessories to match the theme, and we often have some fun hats!  However, varied enrichment is now part of legislation, and our themed weeks ensure that we keep it varied and fresh.  We never play the same old games week in and out, using the same old tired toys, we promote enrichment. The dogs would not really care whether we come in with a cabbage, they are immediately interested, they know its going to be a new game, you can see them thinking… What’s happening? What are the rules?  What do we need to do?   We pique their interest.”

We often give out a party bag that matches the week, for Safari Week, we gave out 1,000+ biscuits in party bags that were custom made in the shape of a cactus and sheriff badges and during Harry Paw-ter Week almost 500 complimentary bandanas were gifted.  It ensures the owners are involved and engaged, it demonstrates the extra lengths we go to as a brand.