Do you ever feel guilty about leaving your dog at home alone?

Need Day Care For Your Dog That You Can Count On?

We are part of an award-winning franchise business model. We offer inspiring service levels, and we have the best staff to dog ratio of any facility. “We give your dog the stimulation, interaction, play time, nap time and TLC they need to keep their bodies and minds happy and healthy. Canine Care is our specialty, and nobody does it better than we do.

Our spacious custom-designed facility provides fun, exercise and social interaction, all essential to a dog’s well-being.

Simply drop your pooch off for a half day, or the entire working day and we will entertain, play, fuss and make your dogs day! You will collect a very tired, happy and contented dog that cannot wait to visit next time!

Our Pawlosophy

Dogs love to hang out at the Creche it breaks the mould of a traditional dog kennel or dog boarding facility to give your pup a better day, every day.

It is our mission to provide personalised pet care in an environment that is clean, safe and fun as an alternative to lonely days at home. As a leader in the industry, we will continually strive to provide a variety of superior services and set the standard for excellence in canine care that will help dogs become better canine citizens, improve the quality of dogs’ lives and enhance canine/parent relationships.

Huge dog activity room

Filled with ballpits, climbing frames, playhouses and tons of toys! We play lots of organised games, play here is interesting, safe and stimulating bubble machines, ball games, treasure hunts, and dancing with the dogs are all weekly activities.

We have lots of chill out area’s with sofa’s and lots of beds for the older dogs that just want to have company and plenty of comfort breaks, as well as a quick power nap before the next game.

A Puppy Intro area, with safe toys that will allow your playful pupster to integrate slowly at their own pace into the bigger pack! Puppies are able to see the older dogs but are safe, and when they are ready they can start to integrate into the mainstream pack.

On sunny days, the pool will be filled up outside for those water lovers among us! During the Winter or on colder days, the entire facility is heated to provide a cozy home from home, your dogs are not forced to spend all day outside in all weathers.

How do I enrol Fido?

Every dog must attend a registration appointment, where we will assess your dogs temperament and you have the delight of form filling.

After this we will have planned an introduction and integration which is suitable and individual to your dog.

You get to have a tour, via our CCTV you will be able to view the whole facility, we believe in a fluid and transparent relationship from the start.

Not every dog is assessed positively for Day Care, we have to ensure your dog will be happy with us and day care is not for every pooch.

You can book a registration appointment by filing out the form or by popping by for a tour whenever you like, no appointment is necessary, you can find us here

Book your registration appointment!

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Day Care

Need Day Care For Your Dog That You Can Count On?

We’re a trusted five star rated day care provider with a community of dogs and owners who rely on us.

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Puppy Paw-ties

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